Thursday, March 15

Not my Usual Thursday

Active recovery is all that I've been thinking since Monday, that is after my long ultra race last weekend. But my legs are really sore, I really need to rest it for a while from running. Need to have it recover as well. So all I did is just do some short distance walk from my office to other short distance errands until yesterday. I tried to bring my running shoes yesterday but I decided still not to run. I can still feel some pain on my muscles on the legs. And this morning, since there is a vehicle caravan (strike) and they said it will be difficult to get a ride, I decided to put on my running shoes, running attire going to the office but making some pit stops  at Pasay Victory Liner to buy my ticket for this weekend's Baguio trip and along the way stop at Julie's bakeshop to buy some bread before heading to my office in Ayala. It was a nice brisk walk, I get to know some streets nearby where I live. It's very tempting to run at some parts but I just keep my pace of walking. Take me an hour and 10 minutes to do it. Not bad. Another one later on my way home.

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