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On d Streets of Davao & Kidapawan

I've been to Davao City 14 years ago, stayed at Eden Nature Park then when the place was not open to the public yet. It was for a work assignment under Nestle Philippines, I was with my work partner Joy Fallarme.  At that time I may have visited just an nth portion of the place, I already love Davao, I just simply love the place, it's beauty, the food, the people. But I haven't got a chance to go back since then. 

My Davao boarding pass
When I decided to join the Mt. Apo skyrun, finally I have to travel again to this place, on my own though. Despite being alone, I was just excited to be back.  Jules traveled two days earlier while Jay and his family took the other airline, I take Philippine Airlines using my mabuhay mileage saved for a long time. That way I saved  a lot on the cost of my plane fare. But unfortunately PAL had crew strike several days before my scheduled flight. Good thing I called the airlines four days earlier, I was totally unaware the flight I am booked with had been canceled. I was moved to the next earliest flight. I don't know if it's a blessing that my flight had been moved, now that  my flight is not that early anymore, I decided to just take the public transportation going to the airport, with very minimal luggage, I took the jeep and the bus. I was still early on my flight, checked in and wait for my flight boarding near the gate where we are going to board.

at Centennial Airport waiting for my boarding 
I settled in one seat on a corner and take a nap. I check the time once in a while just to make sure that I will not miss the announcement of my flight boarding but as the time came for the schedule of  our flight itself, all the passengers were already restless, keeps on going to the counter and probably asking what really is the time we will be allowed to board the plane. I stand and settle at the back portion of the area just making myself ready in case they will already ask passengers to fall in line. After our long wait, all the passengers were finally called to board the plane. I settled in my seat and take a nap again, I couldn't even remember what time the plane exactly took off.

Finally at Davao Airport
After one and a half hours we finally landed at Davao International Airport, it's already forty one minutes past twelve, I still have to claim my check in luggage. Before I get my bag and get out of the airport it's already 1:00pm. I followed the instruction of Jules, take a cab on the left side of the airport and proceed to Gaisano Mall to take a van going to Kidapawan. Lyra is constantly checking on me as well, making sure that I was able to go to the right direction for my trip. It was also a long ride going to the van station, I can't remember anymore any landmark that my ride pass by, the place has changed a lot since the last time I was here. Few minutes after  I reach the van terminal we left. This will take another two hours and 30 minute ride to Kidapawan City.

On the streets of Kidapawan City
After more than an hour of travel I was awaken up by the text of Jules asking where I am now. I really cannot figure out where we exactly are. All the passengers are asleep, I thought I'll just wait for any signage that we will pass by, until I saw Mati Bridge, then probably the place is now in Mati. It will take me another hour and a half to reach Kidapawan which Jules cannot wait for me anymore. Good thing Jay's family decided to hear mass first before going to Agco, now I have somebody to go with on the jump off area. I did not sleep anymore but rather mind full on all the places that we pass by until I read Kidapawan few meters away. This is it, after 30 minutes before 5pm I arrived Kidapawan City, went to Jollibee first and ate my late lunch or rather early dinner. 

Our Lady of Mediatrix Church
After eating I proceed to my next agenda, look for the church where I am going to meet Jay's family. The crew at Jollibee is not too familiar with the name of the church nor the tricycle driver. But nonetheless I said probably there is only one big church on the place. Upon seeing the cross from afar then I thought probably that is the one, Jay said it's just straight from Jollibee and within the center of the town. It's a quite place despite it's being just situated on the center of the town. I get inside and the mass just started. Since it's an anticipated mass, there were just few people, I saw the family of Jay from afar. Since this is a Cebuano speaking place I thought the mass is going to be in that dialect but surprisingly it was in English.
the entrance of the church
After the mass, we head to a grocery store to have our last minute shopping of additional supply for the run. Just when we are abut to leave to go to the habal habal terminal it rain a heavy down pour. Jay has to look for a rain coat that Portia can use on our motorcycle ride. It was not available on the grocery store where we went first so we have to go to the next one.

Durian, I wish I will enjoy eating you...
Kidapawan is known for it's fruits and while on our way on search for a rain coat we pass by stalls of durian, marang, rambutan. Portia bought some rambutan which we are going to carry on our habal habal ride. The ride up to barangay Agco on a motorcycle on a dark night after a heavy down pour of rain scared me but that is the only means of transportation that we have at that time, it was already late. Nonetheless, we arrive safe having our butts numb from the ride of almost an hour. We settled on our rooms first and eat out dinner. Thanks to Jay and Jules for bringing the food, the resort only offer instant noodles and hotdog. Not a good food before a long run.

Lyra's place
On our way down from Agco after the run, we thank Jules for her service car, we were saved from another habal habal ride. We were brought to the van terminal going back to Davao City. With that I let go of my hopes of getting pictures of the Mt. Apo and City of Kidapawan signage. I take the front seat right next to the driver which is not a very good choice if the travel is that long. I was a bit elevated compare to the seat of the driver and another passenger in front. And I tried not to sleep, but at times I cannot hold it  anymore,  the driver asked me to put on my seat belt just to be safe. 

on the streets of Davao City
When we arrived Davao City, I settled on the place of my good friend Lyra. I thank her for having me despite my very short notice. I am grateful she offered her place to me, I had a place to stay overnight where I do not have to spend money. It seems like there is no enough time  on  updating things between the two of us. But in as much I as wanted to stay awake the entire night, I just can't help but close my eyes, from a day's long run, I am just really tired. Our stories continued the following day while we ate our breakfast together. I thank her for offering me breakfast as well. Such a sweet act. 

At Davao International Airport
I wish I can stay longer but I need to go to the airport earlier, I decided to just commute rather than take a cab. I wanted to explore the streets of Davao even in just a short time and that save me a lot. And I wanted to buy many pomelo along the way but that did not happen. From Lyr's place I take a short walk down the street to the main street and a jeepney ride of around 15 minutes. From the main highway it's just a short walk to the airport as well. Not bad. Carrying my small back pack I got a chance to take pictures of the airport's entry signage, the durian statue and the signage in the airport proper. This is something I cannot do if taking a cab. 

I arrived the airport of Davao still early for my flight. Wow it seems like the flights are now back to its normal operation. On the announcement, it's on schedule and check in process is fast. I checked in and go around the shops and stalls hoping I'd be able to buy some pasalubong and pomelo. And I did just enough for my family and my staffs. Stayed for a while at the waiting area. After the boarding announcement of my flight , I settled on my seat assignment, enjoy the view of the clouds, the mountains and the sea below us as we leave Davao. 

On my way home
Indeed, that was a short but memorable weekend for me. My second visit to Davao City, my first in Kipadawan City, another habal habal ride, a visit to my good friend Lyra and most of all a skyrun on the highest peak of the country, Mt. Apo. That was so much fun.

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