Tuesday, October 11

A Birthday Surprise

Not for me, but for my good friend Aaron. It's his birthday today, and few weeks ago Kim had been planning to throw a surprise dinner for him on the eve of his birthday. It will just be among intimate friends and his brothers. Luckily, I got invited and since Arvin will be coming, I will be riding with him from Makati area. The celebration will be at Timog, Quezon City . Aaron already had a birthday celebration is Rasver over the weekend, what was suppose to be a birthday climb, it got canceled and the group decided to bring all the food that is suppose to be for the climb at Aaron's place for a feast. They stayed until Sunday but unfortunately I was not around. I just arrived from Baguio which I did not know that they had a celebration. 

I was thinking probably one celebration will be enough and no more surprise dinner. Just as I was thinking that, I receive a text from Arvin, reminding us to make sure that Aaron will be there. He doesn't want to be the one surprised instead of the celebrant. A confirmation from Kim was assured, we will meet 7:30 at Spice 8, a Thai Restaurant. Jepoy was just really good in making excuse that it's going to be a client meeting, just when Bugsy and Kim are already in the restaurant, to their surprise Aaaron already arrive, earlier than expected. Without hint at first he thought, a client meeting, with Bugsy and Kim? Until he realized it was a dinner with friends. We came in late, it was so traffic. 

The group enjoyed over a good Thai food, not the best  taste though but good enough. We ended with a dessert com cake which Aaron blew the candle first before we shared it among us. We waited until 12:00 midnight before we head home. That was a good celebration of another year of a good friend.

And that did not end there, on the day itself together with the celebrant we watched a football game of Azkals virsus Nepal. This is my second time watching them play and it's always fun. It was a great game, having the Philippine Team win over Nepal by 4-0 score. It always give so much joy seeing them play.

After the game we had our final birthday celebration at Kenny Rogers, our sort of dinner care off Arvin, Aaron's brother.

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