Sunday, October 9

Skyrunning and Safety

Many times I joined the skyrunning races but it was when I joined the Philippine Skyrunning Association's training runs that I got a chance to meet and know it's core and members on a personal level. I've been wanting to be part of the team,  aside from my love to run on the trail I really love their jersey shirt. The people on this group are of different backgrounds, sports wise, there are mountain climbers, others are long distance runners, runners and triathletes,  gathered together with common interest, its love of nature  and love  of running.

Skyrunning is a very new discipline of sports in the country, not many can understand why there are people go into such kind of discipline. But surprisingly there are those who love the sports, and I am one of them. I got to see and visit the mountain that I love to climb on a minimum number of days at the very least expenses. Many times one of the member group brought up the topic of safety. Due to the nature of the sports, the very least that we can carry the better but when something will happen to any of  the member of the team, what will be it's survival rate.

On the kind of sports that we are doing we rely our safety mainly on speed and mobility. The faster we can get out of the exposed terrain of the mountain and go back to a community the more safe we are. And another thing is we have to make sure that we are mobile as much as possible. Making sure that one is not injured or sprained. The key is self sufficient, but how self sufficient can we really get when each ones target is the carry the very minimal weight as we can.

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