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Skyrunning Essentials as posted by Romano Cortes Jorge

After our Mt. Kinabalu challenge, Rom come up with a list of essential items that a trail runner like me who needs an ample supply of  food and water and other essentials while expose on the trail especially on an extreme weather condition should have. Unlike other fast and strong athletes who bring just really minimal amount of provision on a duration of a 21kilometer race, for an average or rather slow pace runner like me, I feel like every safety item that I can bring while running is a big thing in my survival in the mountain. I compile what Rom published in FB for my record purposes. 

Sky Running Equipment 01: I've tried all sorts of trail food. But squid jerky is by far is the smelliest, the tastiest and simply the best. Energy gels simply you on a sugar high then let you down on a sugar crash. Meat give you lasting protein power. I've tried beef and pork tapa (jerky). I've even tried alligator jerky from New Orleans. But Chivalry Tapang Pusit's pungent aroma and spicy sweet taste will perk you up better than any caffeine hit. It's also loaded with dozens of preservatives and chemicals. Yummy! It's been a surprise hit on the trail with friends asking for more.

Sky Running Equipment 02: All natural fiber and calories to burn all in one food source--that's what dried mangoes are. They make sure you don't get a bum stomach. It's a healthy complement to the sinful delight that is tapang pusit (squid jerky). Dried mangoes can also be shared with vegetarians.


Sky Running Equipment 03: When you don't have time to unwrap and chew trail food in a competition and the sugary power bars just won't do it for six to eight hours of continuous trail running (sorry, I'm no pro who finishes a race in just two hours or less) you need a complete meal in liquid form. This is not a food supplement; it's a food replacement formula meant for post-operation recovery. It works for me.

Sky Running Equipment 04: There are all sorts of isotonic hydration solutions out there: Gatorade, Powerade, etc. But this Japanese product with a disturbingly fetishist name (WTF, sumo wrestler sweat?) tastes the best. Others brands have fruity flavors that leave the mouth parched. Give me more of that drink harvested from a sumo wrestler trapped in a sauna pedallng a stationary bike. Perfect drink for those times when your blood sugar drops and your ears pop. However, I don't mess with the powdered version. If you mix it yourself and get it wrong, you could end up dehydrating yourself further with every sip.

Sky Running Equipment 05: This hydration pack is perfect. It's got space for a tubed bladder for water as well as two easy-to-access water bottles for my Nutren and Pocari Sweat. the hip belt integrates zippered pockets for energy bars and gels. And the cross wise shoulder/sternum straps ensure stability.

Sky Running Equipment 06: Nobody plans on getting into an accident. But the whole point of safety is preparing for the unexpected. You pack headlights and blinkers though you plan to get back by nightfall. You bring a windbreaker though the weather is sunny. Every skyrunner should bring a mylar blanket in the event they are immobilized and therefore no longer have body heat to counter hypothermia.
A skyrunner's very survival depends on speed. With no tent and other heavy multi-day gear to survive overnight in the wilderness, a space blanket may be the only warmth and shelter a skyrunner can bring in the wilderness.
A space blanket (also known as a Mylar blanket, first aid blanket, emergency blanket, thermal blanket or weather blanket) is a blanket used in emergencies to reduce heat loss in a person's body caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation and convection.

Sky Running Equipment 07: The science is in. barefoot running is great for learning the proper running technique, preventing injuries and strengthening various muscles that stabilize the foot. This particular models is fast, light and grips well on ascents. However, being a new technology, it isn't prefect yet. Designed for forefoot landings, these shoes offer very little protection and traction for heal strikes--something unavoidable on steep downhills. I'd recommend them for training climbs less than 15 kilometers. Avoid using them on pointy gravelly terrain. Ouch.

Sky Running Equipment 08: When it came time for the Mount Kinabalu, I trusted only Salomon. It's simply the best. Light, durable and dependable. Damn, they look good too. Featured here is not the model I used but rather the one I wish I had: the top of the line Speedcross.
Update to the iconic, light weight, aggressive profile, trail racing shoe.

Sky Running Equipment 09: gaiters are absolutely essential especially with river crossings. Without them pebbles and sand enter socks and shoes. Running with gravel in your socks and shoes is painful. And taking off one's footwear after every river and stream is a pain in the ass. Thankfully, gaiters are finally available locally. Pick light-weight ones with no insulation.
When youre moving fast and need to keep snow, rocks, and other trail junk out of your boots, pull on the Outdoor Research Flex-Tex Gaiters.

Sky Running Equipment 10: Do I even have to mention this? Without powerful and reliable illumination in the dark, you're screwed. You might as well invest in a trusted brand. These LED bulbs last long even in cold conditions.
The TIKKA PLUS² headlamp integrates two light sources for versatility: one white, high-output LED and one red LED. The white LED delivers 50 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 35m. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 140 hours. The red LED provides spare lighting to preserve night vis...

Sky Running Equipment 11: At Mount Kinabalu, gloves are a must with all the rope climbing to be done at the peak. But I wear mine even on training climbs. They allow me to grip even thorny bushes and blade grass without hesitation. There are light-weight gloves made especially for outdoor activities that even allow the wearer to operate touch screen devices such as iPhones and iPads. But I simply use the same gloves I bought for mountain biking. They're cheap.

Sky Running Equipment 12: I don't own one of these. As much I want to, I hope for something even better: that a fellow sky runner--one who is both a better runner and photographer than I--buys one so I don't have to. That way he can run ahead of me and everyone else and take pictures while we don't have to spend for a new camera. (Paging Zean Villongco: buy this product now for all our sakes!)
Nikon AW100 a rugged, water-proof, shock-proof, freeze-proof compact digital camera with 5x Zoom-NIKKOR lens and 16mp CMOS sensor to record action photos and Full HD (1080p) movies.

Sky Running Equipment 13: I have a mountain biking windbreaker very similar to this one. It can barely keep me warm while running in the freezing mountain rain. If I rest in the chilly wind for lengthy periods of time it might literally mean the death of me. Perfect for biking, it's too light and flimsy for surviving in wilderness trails overnight, especially during ultra-marathon distance races.
But the only equipment that matters are the ones you actually bring. The most high tech windbreaker don't mean squat if it's too bulky to pack. And mine I bring everywhere.
Still, I don't want to push my luck...
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Sky Running Equipment 13: A surprising number of sky runners don't bring multi-tools such as Swiss Army Knives and Leatherman Tools. I know it's a hassle tp lug around a hunk of steel while running, but I think these are essential and have found it really handy at times. And if you've read or watched Aron Ralston's ordeal of having to amputate his own arm with a cheap made in China knock off ("127 Hours"), you'll want the real thing.

Sky Running Equipment 14: Even great shoes can sometimes give you blisters, especially when paired with the wrong socks. Wrap your toes and other blister prone areas with this tape. Leukoplast is water resistant, adheres even when skin is soaked and yet lets skin breath and tears off neatly without needing scissors.

Sky Running Equipment 15: Because running with one of your socks missing ain't cool.

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