Tuesday, January 10

Unfinished Business

I did not summit Mt. Aconcagua. Now that I am back and fully recovered I can't help but think, what could be the summit like? I was on my way to the summit but because I turn around even when I am not on my wasted physical state yet, I always wonder what could have happened if I proceed. I feel like I acclimatize well for I did not even have the headache nor nauseous,  those feelings that I feel when I summit Kilimanjaro. Here, I can still stand on my own. I was just really slow in my pace dragging my teammate to be slow as well. When I cannot look straight to the eyes of our lead guide and  cannot promise to walk faster, I decided to go down. With that, I always think if given the chance when I can be financially capable and be still on my best physical state, I want to do it again. Despite what I've been through the entire trek to camp 3, I still think of doing it again. The cold nights when I need to pee on the vestibule, the cold treks, the heavy carry are unthinkable but despite that I want to do it again. Unlike in Kilimanjaro, if asked if I want to do it again, at that very moment, I can say it straight, no way.

Across is Cesar's House 
One thing more that I want to do again is visit the house of my friend in Mendoza. I always dream of visiting a house when I visit a place or a country. When in Africa we are lucky we got invited by our guide and dine with his family. Here in Mendoza, I get an invitation as well, but I was not able to make it. Now I wonder, it could have been my chance to see a real Mendozanian home and see how it is. Oh well...as I said it's an unfinished business for me on this country....


  1. Hope I can join you on your next expedition ... :) more stories please.... :)

  2. Hi Joyce. You really do read my post and you leave a message.....heheheheh

    Yup, I hope I can join you guys on your next climb too. I really hope I can finish what I started to write...I just need to find time with it.