Sunday, January 15

I am Glad I Push for Sembrano

An event by the  Nomads group had been planned and announced but because I already made an earleir commitment to attend the baptism of my friend's child, I did not think of going anymore.  Though I know my presence on the activity would matters a lot. But when I talk to the founding member and he convince me to be there, I decided to let go of my other plans. I just can not say no to him.  I will just stay for the night then go down early on the morning. That was the plan.

Come Friday, I have work unfinished, I tried bringing it home. Still I did not see myself finishing it despite my late night work. Just when I was about to text the organizer that I cannot join anymore, my friend Janelle talk to me of going  to the event in the evening. We will do night trek, I will join her friend who will bring a car while she will ride a bike on the way to Malaya, then at around 9:00pm we will do the trek. But when her friend cannot make it, I decided to commute. No problem with me. I left home a bit late, arrived Malaya already late, 8:00pm. Waited for Janelle, she is just few kilometers away.

It's already dark, but we need to eat before we head for the camp. We take our sweet time updating each other while eating, until we really need to start our trek, it's already late, 10:30pm. Chief Andy got concerned when he learned it will only be the two of us but we assured him, we know the trail. The trek becomes a continuation of our endless conversation. It's dark, it drizzles, at some areas we are welcome by the bark of dogs. We just continue walking at times we need to decide which trail to take.After almost two hours thinking why we still did not hear noise of the suppose campsite a light from the torch surprised us, saying we are on the wrong trail. We did not believe him at first but after few exchange of conversation we are really not on the right trail.

I was a bit concern, we do not know him, he is bringing a long bolo. He offered himself to bring us to the campsite but he said it's already far. After a while of exchanging conversation, he know some of our hiker friends. I am convinced he is a good man. At times he has to hack and open trail, cut bushes and branches just to get a short cut to the campsite. After more than an hour we managed to reached the campsite. A big thanks to Kuya Sam.

We arrive the campsite with several tents set up. We look for our companion. There were only 4 of them still awake. I do not know them all. Sir Romy and 4 others are inside the tent. We join their socials, they continue the drinking session while I eat and drink juice while updating things with the group.

We stayed late, up to 4:00am just before the rain pour. I thank Jaybee for making his tent available for us but I thank myself I decided to join this activity. It's worth the hassle when I know I am with the group that understand what I am doing at the same time I understand what they are doing. The time spend together. is just precious. I cannot forget when Sir Romy told me, when he read about my message to him regarding my climb in Aconcagua and that I decided to go down. I was so touched with his message and I almost cried. At least I know someone like him affirm my decision at that very moment. I am truly glad I decided to leave the city and take a short breather on this busy weekend.

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