Saturday, January 28

Morning Run, Evening Walk

I run this morning, I leave home already late, 7:00 am but I manage to go for more than 2 hours of run, around 20 kilometers. It is a gloomy morning making my run easier. Had the sun come out early I should have stop earlier than that. I just proceed back home when I was already hungry. That gives me a good practice, my most needed one. I have less than a month to prepare for my first ultra race this year. 

 But my evening walk is an unexpected one. I need to bring the shirt that Tita Chitas asked me to buy for her to be send to Argentina through Tito Rey. I do not have any other day left to carry the items but today. Tito Rey is leaving the end of the month already. He gave me the address but incomplete, there is no street name. My plan, when I reach Filinvest Mall, I will just ride a taxi then just ask the guard for the street where they live. But that did not happen. I asked the guard and he told me to just take a jeep, which I did. Upon reaching Town Center, the tryc driver asked me of the street name. So that starts my waiting, I tried to get the exact name of the street, reply take longer than I expected. When I get the complete address, I take the jeepney going inside the village. To my surprise I need a gate pass in order to be allowed to get inside. I do not have that, I've been calling their landline number but no answer. I have no choice but to call Tito Rey. Only then he realized they change another landline. So there it goes, they will allow me to get inside now. But the problem is I do not have a jeep to ride to anymore. The guard told me to just walk, turn left, then turn left, it will only be a short walk. But it turn out it's not. It's already dark on streets with no houses. But it's okey with me, to my mind this will be my evening exercise and besides seeing the big beautiful houses inspires me to aim for big, to dream. I wish I am on my running shoes though. My walk take longer than I thought and I become conscious of the streets that I pass by. Upon reaching the house number, their boy is already waiting outside. I just give the package and leave.

Going back is now faster for I already know which turn to take. But I need to go back to the guard asking what should I do before leaving the village. I need to log, and they need to call to confirm that I come from that address. A bit hassle but it's ok. And I walk going out up to the main street. That was a long walk but I do not mind, it's part of my training.

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