Tuesday, January 3

I am Glad I Decided to Go Home

For two reasons, I am glad I get a ticket that will allow me to go home earlier than my two climbing buddies and I am glad I decided to go home to Siquijor for the new year.

When I have to finally purchase my ticket for Argentina, I need to decide when will my return flight be. So many things run in my mind at that time. Zean will be extending til the end of the month, Mondy is even longer. As much as I wanted to maximize my being there already, I thought about my budget. With so many preparations prior to the expedition up to the expenses for the expedition proper, I saturated all my source of funds. I managed to raise the amount needed, for the actual trip and I am glad I did. But my mind still wanders, I should have extended my flight til the end of the year, that way I will be able to join Zea and reach Brazil. But when I get down from the big mountain, and found out that I have a very big concern in the office, at that very moment that I wanted to fly back home, if only I can do it I should have done it at that moment. I tried to fix it despite the distance, after several days, I managed to fix few things leaving those payables unsettled, I can only do it when I get back. Which I did right after I reach home, without any sleep from a 37 hour long flight I went to the office, and fix everything. Only then I realized, thank goodness I decided to home, I was able to fix what needs to be fixed. 

And after that long trip, I still have one more trip to do, go home to my home province, Squijor and spend New Year with my Mom and sisters. I can't go away with my Mom, she keeps on bugging me about my domestic ticket before I leave for Argentine, I have no choice but to really be home. I got tired of having to travel again but I have to, my Mom is waiting for me. I am really tired, I still do not have a real sleep 3 nights after I arrive Manila. And I said I will just do it at home. Which I did. Of the 5 days that I am there, all I did is just sleep, eat, sleep and eat. My mom even think I am sick. Our household helpers even got concerned, I was not like that when I am home. I am always active going around, to the beach, to the hills, to the neighborhood. But not at this time. I am glad I go home for I was able to recover from the big expedition, eat more fresh and delicious food, that way I was able to nourish my body again, and sleep more than I thought I need. Indeed  no  matter how backward and slow paced life in Siquijor  is, I am always revitalized and energized every time I go home. 

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