Tuesday, January 3

Just a Thought

It's been a week now since I arrive from Argentina and two weeks now since I get down from the big mountain, Mt. Aconcogua. I'd like to think I have recovered from the climb, I am darker now though but the sunburn on my face has all been gone. The only thing that I am treating until now is the dead skin that has been peeling off on my both hands, at first it's very itchy until it peels off, it does not look and feel good though. I know this is an effect of the high altitude, my hands had a minor swell on my last few days on the mountain, the skin beside my nails bleed when it hits sharp objects. The bleeding is gone and the swelling subsides, now I have to deal with dead skin. And of the five days that I went home, all I did is just sleep and eat and sleep and eat. I run in between and go around but I sleep most of the time and eat a lot. 

  At this time, I have nights that I still dream of the big mountain, I dream of the scree and the snow, I dream of the freezing cold and windy days of trek with heavy load, I dream of sleeping inside a tent on a negative degrees temperature, i dream of cracking jokes with the five big tough guys while eating and trekking. I am always grateful and thankful to be with the five big tough men whom I shared a great adventure with. I thank Zenon (Zean Villongco) and Ramon (Mon Dysangco), they have been a great companion on the entire adventure and trip, and to Lito S├ínchez, Cesar Emilio Quiroz and Tito Morero, the people whom I share the same passion and love of nature. Those memories will always be cherished for the rest my life. The five of you inspire me to aspire for more, to never stop dreaming of doing the extreme adventure. 
Now that the climb is over, I can't help but think, what will be the next. Start training for the next adventure. I have two that is lined up for the year, but my mind wonder again, what could be the next.

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