Sunday, January 22

Subic International Marathon 2012

My very first race for the year 2012, and unbelievably I finish the race in 5:20:20. My PR of the 3 marathons that I've done almost a year ago.

As I said before, I really do not have concrete outdoor adventure plans for 2012 except the two that had been planned even before the year 2011 ends,  HK100 which I already made arrangements even before I leave for my major expedition last year and Mt. Fuji Skyrace. When I return from my trip, I know I have to practice for my ultra race, but really I find it difficult to go back to the road or trail. I force myself to do few runs but  I know it will not be enough. One  move that I do, once again, is sign up myself again to a full marathon, sounds crazy with very less training runs weeks prior to this race, but I think I have to do it to force myself to train. I haven't been able to join this race anyway, so I might as well enjoy it.

I've been to Subic and live the place more than a decade ago, and I always love here, the tall big trees, the green surroundings, the sound of the birds like bats and hawks around, the view of the sea by the bay. True enough this my best highlight of the race.

The race started few minutes past 4:30am, there were only few full marathon runners. I said I will just take it slowly, this will be my LSD (long slow distance run). So I just really take it easy. We start from Remy Field along the stretch of the road that leads to the airport, still with buildings and structures. Until the road leads to the forest. It's still dark but I can see tall big trees, I can hear the sound of the bats going back to their trees as the dusk almost break. The road is an uphill downhill terrain, a not so friendly to a full marathon road running but I love it, I just think this is a good training for our ultra marathon.   As the sun is out and sunny, I am still on the forested part, I am running with so much joy, I just love the beautiful green view all around me, as far as my eyes can see. And I savor the fresh air, something I do not experience running in the city.

The last 6 kilometer stretch is going back to where we started and it already has buildings and structures but I don't mind, I am almost there. I cross the finish line with joy seeing my friends smiling and cheering for me. Next training, trail run next weekend.

Food Consumed on this race:
sip water in each water station
1 pack of Gu Chumps
1 pack of Gu Energy gel
5 pcs of Argentinian Chewy Candy
5 slices of banana
lots of cookies serve in two stations

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