Monday, January 9

What Awaits Me in Year 2012

After my big expedition, I really do not have concrete plans as to how my adventure will be for the year. I know just two events that I am sure of  joining,  HK100 (Hong Kong) and Mt. Fuji Sky Race (Japan).  With HK100, I have been registered and ticket has been purchased even before I left for the expedition. Mt. Fuji Skyrace is still on the planning stage but this is something I am thinking of doing since it is difficult to get a Japan visa and  the club will make arrangements for that which I thought it would be less hassle on my part, besides, it's always fun to be with the PSA group. EBC Marathon is on my list as well but even before I left,  I already thought of giving  it up this year. Even  if I really want to do it, my pocket just really cannot afford it. 

But to my surprise something not planned come along. January of this year, been busy responding to my many messages, my friend from Malaysia send a message to me. He offered me to be part of his support team on his India race. Honored and flattered but I need to rethink, it will coincide my Japan race. But after several days, I give it a go. Been planning to do India for such a long time, but haven't really got a chance, until this offer came. I thought Japan will always be there but such an offer for India is a once in a lifetime chance. As I look at the place where the race course will be held, I become so excited, in the beautiful place of  Ladakh, the upper north of the Indian Himalaya. This is still on August but this is something that I look forward to as early as now and should prepare physically and financially.   

Now the coming of my HK100, I have to force myself to train and part of my training is joining several races as well. January 22 will be full marathon in Subic, followed by Feb 5 Skyway Marathon. That I think is a good preparation for HK100. And I was able to squeeze in Vertical Run February 12.

And after HK100 will be Vinta Ultra on February 26, followed by Run United on March 4, All Women Ultra in Cebu on March 10 and Salomon Trail on March 31. But not just that, my race continued, April 1 will be Ugo traverse full marathon race, followed by April 21 and 22 TNF100 race then May 26 King of the Mountain Race. It will be shorter distance training and climb in between these dates before the grand event of August 2, 2012.

I pray to God for good health, injury-free and a strong will to finish all of this.

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