Tuesday, August 9

A Weekend Trek to Benguet

As a result of the adventure that I joined, I gain friends that loves to go outdoor just like me. This trip is one of it, sort of reunion to our race escapades and with additional adventure, rappelling with AMS (Angelinos Mountaineering Society). 

We visited one of the mountain that we gain points in Benguet,during the race, Mt. Osokan. This is the third time that I will be in this mountain range, the only difference now is that we are going to do it overnight on the beautiful mountain top in Englandad, and on third visit it is just really raining. Since we arrived Baguio that morning it already started raining and never stopped. We proceed with the climb anyway despite the rain, it was cold, wet, muddy and most of all the leeches are alive. 

This climb also served as my training climb in preparation to my Aconcagua expedition. On purpose, I load 18kgs, surprisingly just my regular weight on my usual multi day climb. This climb though is just a short trek both on day one and day two. 

We are blessed, the community allowed us to us the chapel as our headquarter, with very limited flat space on the mountain top, there would not be enough space to pitch tent for everybody. There were only 2tents pitched, the rest rested on the chapel and the bunker. The nearby house generously offered us hot coffee and breakfast on the morning of second day. 

And we were blessed with little window of sunshine, just enough for all of us to jump for the rappel and for the first timers to witness the beautiful landscape around, afterwhich the fog engulf the scenery again. 

Our exit was to Sayangan, Atok, Benguet still raining We reached Baguio past 9 in the evening, had dinner and socials, ride Victory bus 1:30am and arrive home 9:00am Monday.


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