Sunday, August 21

Running Beyond the Clouds

At the landslide area
The 3rd of the series of  trail run trainings organized by the Philippine Skyrunning Association, is a  skyrunning to Mt. Sto. Tomas and Cabuyao, 7,400Ftasl. This is in  preparation to the coming Kinabalu Climbathon and for myself,  also a preparation to my Aconcagua Expedition.

Contrary to what I thought that this would be an easier run  having been able to use the same trail early this year on a race organized by the same organization, it feels like this is more challenging than before. After several meters of uphill run from where we started, we were already lost, the group has to back track hoping to get some lead on where the trail will be. Bushes are much more taller and closed the single trail, there are more landslides on some areas as well. And at this time, we started late in the morning already, the sunny day greeted us on the first 10 kilometer uphill trail making the first few kilometers really a challenging one.

Rest stop before pushing to the summit
The group had lots of longer rest stops after every hour of run which is much more relax than the actual race that we had on the same trail. Reaching to the summit was a bit of a struggle, it will still be along way down to the village and first community. After several meters before reaching the summit, I already got confused which trail to go, I and Carlo decided to wait for the tail end group, afterwhich we decided to join them on the short cut trail. This is much  easier terrain, just an easy flat and some portion uphill. I still decided to run, going ahead of the rest of the tail end group. I was alone now on the train until I reach a familiar road already, I have been here the first run and during my Nomads competition. But even then I was just alone in the road. At some point the fog of the place engulf the entire terrain not even making the Cabuyao Tower visible.

PSA Family
This may not be a fun trail run for some it becomes a trek, it was nonetheless a fun one. After a stressful week in the city, it has always been great being surrounded with pine tress, fresh air, green environment and most of all being with great running friends. I also got a chance to meet my friend Des Lee before heading down to the city.

Thanks to my PSA family for the great weekend. til the next adventure.


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