Tuesday, August 9

My First Bite

When it comes to anything that crawls and that bites especially in the mountain, I am really scared, most especially to snakes and leeches. For more than 11 years of climbing in tropical country now, I really haven't been bitten by leeches, even in the limatik country of Halcon, not until last weekend's trek.

I am so freak out with leeches that I really prepare for it, my remedy, I will normally tack in my socks and trekking shirt to my trekking pants, I soak myself with vicks and always ready with a spray of alcohol.  I can say I am good at it, I can sense if they are starting crawling up in my shoes or in my pants. I just can't stand the thought that a small creature as that will suck my blood and what made it worst, due to its saliva that has anticoagulant, the blood wont stop bleeding. I can't imagine what to do if this tiny creature will get inside my eyes, nose or ears....

As mentioned, I got my first share of limatik(leech)  bite last weekend, in Mt. Osokan. This is my third time trekking on this place, the past two it was sunny and a bit dry compared to this one. At this time, since it was raining the past days until the day that we trek, it was really wet, super wet and cold. I never thought of the leeches, until true enough when we reach the three tunnels, there were already some leeches clinging to other climbers shoes and socks. I do my routine of limatik check, there isn't any, went on on our trek without checking anymore for we were already on the road trekking.

It was only when we reach the last house before our final destination that I noticed a blood just below my neck above my breast. I knew it, it's limatik bite, no doubt at all. And true enough when we put down our packs the limatik is still there, already full of blood. Damn....I can't do anything about it anymore. Decided to change my trekking shirt for the front part already has patches of blood. I tried to remedy by putting folded clean tissue with plaster on the bitten part without noticing I put it in a wrong spot, without mirror and changing just in the open shed on a rainy time, it was really difficult to determine the right spot of the bite. I was conditioned the blood will stop now.

And just on my way to the chapel which serves as our headquarter for this trek (we decided not to open our tents) I noticed another one just above my pinky finger, and it started sucking as well. I asked Des to take it off, me already freaking out. Now, it's not just one but two bites. I put plaster and folded tissue on the second bite as well for blood keeps on dripping too.

But I realized, it was not that bad after all. It's just very itchy the following day which I remedy of putting vicks alternating it with caladryl. Hopefully this will work.

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