Tuesday, August 16

Antipolo LSD (Long Slow Run)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

At Antipolo Church
As part of my training for my upcoming climbathon race and Aconcagua climb, I do long distance slow run, at this time on the uphill road from Sumulong Highway to the church of Antipolo. This is my second LSD on this route, at least I already know what approach to do on this road. It's the usual unending uphill on the first 45 minutes of the run with little flats in between, until it goes downhill on some parts before   reaching the junction to the church. It took us more than an hour to reach the church, take a 15 minute rest and resume our run.  

Few minutes of just walking on our way back, we saw the remaining two members of our team, Jing and Beng approaching. Arvin and Ed decided to join them while myself, Jepoy and Aaron decided to proceed with a run going back to the gasoline station. It's 75% downhill anyway, so that wouldn't be that challenging anymore compared to the way going up. On our way down, we past by Al Padi, we decided to take a picture, and thought of dropping by, only to realize it took us longer chatting with Gabby. 
At Al Padi 

We rushed down, but this will still be another around 4 kilometer run on a downhill slope. And it's getting late i the morning, I can now feel the heat of the sun and the smoke of the vehicle passing us. True enough when we arrive at Petron, the rest of our team are already waiting for us. It was a good workout though, I can feel the muscles on my legs being stretched by that run.

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