Friday, August 5

Back to the Wall

I've been wanting to go back to the wall, haven't been doing it regularly after so many other physical activities to do for several months now, which I hope to do it again beginning last night.
Sadungo Wall, from Ai's album

As usual, I was in my playground, Sandugo Wall, the nearest from where I work. I just really feel at home on that wall having the gym staff just like brothers to me. They are also kind especially to me, they belay me in case I am just alone. Last night, I did just few endurance climb of climb up and climb down with some route climbs on easy walls for three hours. But I still did not regain my confidence with heights, I still have that feeling in my mind again of what if my biner is not properly locked, what if my harness is not properly set up while I am up on the air on belay down. And most of all I still did not regain my confidence of doing the overhang again. I've been doing that way back but when I stop I did not have the confidence to do it again.

On the next few sessions, I hope to do the overhang again. After last night's climb, I went home with pumped arms, sore palm and legs......great climbing session.

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