Sunday, August 21

A Close Encounter

I can't get this out of my mind, so I thought of just posting it here.

On August 13, on our LSD in Antipolo, aside from  happy times running, road trip and chitchatting with Gabby and his family, I had one memorable experience which scared me the most, an almost attack by a dog.

On more than 30 minutes from the start of our run, it was still dark, the sun was not up yet as I  struggle the slowly uphill slope of the road, concentrate on my breathing while maintain my uphill stride, all of a sudden I encounter a big dog lying at an entrance of a compound. Jepoy and Aaron were obviously way ahead of me, while Ed was behind me by several meters, and Arvin was with Jing and Beng on the tail end.

At first I thought the dog was tied to where he is, but I noticed as he starts barking at me, stood up and started running approaching where I was, bringing his lace. Only then I realized, Oh no, this dog is not tied up. I noticed probably the care taker trying to stop the dog but too late he was too far to his pet already. Honestly my instinct was to run backwards instead of striding forward without even  mining the vehicle approaching from above.

As I run backwards I can see the dog really running approaching where I stand up, I stopped, I see him really close, his mouth wide open with his teeth and tongue visible and his eyes staring at me. I just surrender and thought, probably this could be it, an attack by a dog. Call it a miracle, Ed arrived to the rescue, he drive away the dog and I just followed him.

I thank God nothing happened to me, that really scared me leaving me shivering up to my bones.

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