Wednesday, August 3

Preparation - Aconcagua Climb Expedition

Since I decided to finally join the Aconcagua expedition last week of July, I now have to prepare all aspect of it. I will only have four months left to prepare.

Physical Preparation 
The post of Aconcagua Trek on how to prepare physically prompt me to start a regular daily routine in preparation to this expedition.

I tried to follow this routine:
Six Months
a. Aerobic : 4 days/week
b. Strength: 3 days/week
c. Recreation: 1 day/week
d. Rest: 1-2 days/week
Aerobic XX





I said to myself, I will begin strictly doing it August. So here it is:

August 1 - a.m. -  20 minutes of strength exercise (sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups)
                 p.m. -  1 round of 26 floors stairs

August 2 - a.m. -  20 minutes of strength exercise (sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups)
                 p.m. - 5 rounds of 26floors stairs with 5kilos backpack load
August 3 -  a.m. -  20 minutes of strength exercise (sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups)
                  p.m. - 156 stairs of climbing up and down with 6 kilos of backpack load
                  (it's still a rainy after office, so I decided to just do an indoor activity)
August 4 - my wall climb day - 3 hours of combination of endurance and easy route climb up and down until my arms and legs become pump and sore. 
August 5 - a.m. 20 minutes of strength exercise with weights for arm strength
                 p.m. just a 2 rounds of stairs without load, a relax day for me for I am   leaving for a weekend climb later
August 6-7 - an overnight trek with 18kgs backpack load, rappelling on the side
August 8 - a rest day for me, got so wasted from the weekend trip with less sleep
August 9 - a.m. 20 minutes of strength exercise with weights for arm strength
                 p.m. 2 sets of 26floor stairs 
August 10 - a.m. 20 minutes of strength exercise with weights for arm strength
                  p.m. 5 sets of 26floor stairs with 6kilos of pack load

August 11 -  a.m. 20 minutes of strength exercise with weights for arm strength
                    p.m. just a 1 round of stairs with no load
August 12 - a.m. 20 minutes of strength exercise with weights for arm strength
August 13 - 11K run
August 14 - 24K Antipolo LSD
August 15 - a lazy Monday for me but I did a long distance walking
August 16 - just a walk
August 17 - a 30 minute run along Legaspi Park before my pre-climb meeting for Mt Talinis
August 18 - my Wall Climb day, 30 minutes of traverse and 30 minutes of endurance climb up and down
August 19 - just a walk
August 20 - 20 kilometer trail run to Mt. Sto. Tomas and Cabuyao Benguet
August 21 - my rest day
 August 22 - my day in the wall - 3 hours of endurance, route, traverse and bouldering
August 23 - 1 round of stairs and 45 minute of fast running
August 24 to 27 - Mt. Talinis Climb - minor but a simulation of cold trekking, doing nothing in the campsite and heavy load packing
August 28 - cardio session, snorkling along the water of  Apo Island
August 30 - a long run to the hills of Cabulihan
August 31 - travel time but heavy load pack
Sept 3 - Short run in MOA
Sept 4 and 5 - Tarak Ridge Climb, another wet climb
Sept 8 - Stairs climbing, 2 rounds of 34 floors
Sept 9 - my long walk day
Sept 10 - Wall at Sandugo
Sept 11 - LSD Run in Antipolo
Sept 12 - Running Clinic with 5K run
Sept 14 - 4 rounds of 27 floors with 10 kilos of load
Sept 18 - 16Kilometer Skyrun at Mt. Pulag via Akiki Ambangeg Trail
Sept 20 - Recovery run of 5kilometers and stair climbing 
Sept 23 to 25 - Mt. Kanlaon Climb via Wasy Guintubdan, a 3 day climb with more than 15 kilos load
Sept 29 - 7km run along Valero Loop
Oct. 2 - Mt. Apo, 25 kilometer trail on 12 hours at 1,758MASL elevation gain
Oct. 5 - long walk
Oct. 6 - long walk
Oct. 7 - 32kilometer trail run to Mt. Ugo
Oct. 15 - 50kilometer trail run at TNF Singapore
Oct. 18 - a long walk at the streets of Kinabalu City
Oct. 19 - 21K Trail run with more 2,000 meter elevation gain at Mt. Kinabalu
Oct. 20 - 5 kilometer walk to Kundasang town
Oct 22 - 21K trail run with more than 2,000 meter elevation gain at Mt. Kinabalu
Oct 24 - Run on the streets of Kinabalu City
Oct 29 - 15 kilometer Adobo Night Run
Oct 31 - 30 kilometer trail run to Mt. Ugo
Nov 1 - 6 kilometer recovery trail run at CJH Yellow Trail
Nov 5 - 10K Energizer Night Race
Nov 6 - 25 kilometer Power Run
Nov 7 - 16 kilometer recovery run at Cogeo Antipolo route
Nov 13 - 32 kilometer Run United Race
Nov 15 - 4 rounds of 25 story stairs

Aside from the physical activity, I also try to follow the advise from the other blogs that I read, to practice drinking as much as 4 liters of water daily. For during the actual expedition, we need to consume 4 to 5 liters of water daily in order to adjust to the high altitude. I also start doing that August, I consciously keep record of how many liters of water had I drink for the day. 

September 7 - I had 2  (Hepa B and Typhoid)  of the 8 vaccines that I need to be updated of
September 15 - another 2 shots today, influenza and pneumonia. one more remaining of the shots and two prophylaxis and I will be done with it.
November 16 - got my Hepa B shot today, one last shot next week

September 9 - purchase a big amount of dollar from my cousin.
September 12 - purchase another dollar bill from my sister
November 14 - I finally asked financial assistance from my dear sister and she agreed 

I really maintain my physical activity until we leave for Argentina. I manage to pull all resources that I can think of just to have this event push through. A great success.

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