Sunday, February 12

Vertical Run 2012

Feb. 12, 2012, my 3rd race for the year and my 3rd vertical run. For a change I opted to run a shorter distance, a sort of tapering to my  Condura 42k last week end and preparation to my up coming HK100 6 days after this event.  But this is going to be a run on a road and a vertical run on 19 floors. Something I have done before. I am suppose to have a climb on this date, but I prefer to stay in the city even if I really want to go outdoors.

The race started 5:30am, still dark for just a 10K run, though an advantage for the sun is still not out. But we have to share the lane with cars, motorcycles and tricycles. Something that I really do not want when on a race. After running  9 kilometers we proceed to a 19story building to do the stair climbing. Unfortunately, the stair space is narrow making even two runners congested on the same step, making it difficult for me to over take a runner infront of me, though I managed to do it on my way up. I skip 3 steps at a time on some part, it's manageable. Going down was just impossible for me to overtake until we went out of the building.

Finished in 1:15:57. Not bad for a 10K run with stair climbing. Yahoo, next adventure will now be HK100.

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