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My Many Firsts on Condura Full Marathon 2012

No, this is not my first full marathon, in fact this is my 4th since I started running one. But this is my very first year anniversary of running a full mary. It was last year that I push myself to run a full marathon on the same event, inspired by my two running friends. But at this time, this will be my very first marathon that I will be wearing a full leggings. On road running I don't use leggings at all,  not even  half leggings, I find it too hot and uncomfortable. But this time, as I don't want my legs to be bloody red again, I decided to wear one. So then my next first is, this is my first time to run a full marathon having my monthly menstrual period. Whew.  A challenge of being a woman again. A super good luck to me.   And this too is my first marathon held on an evening, actually a midnight race. 

I am glad I anticipated on  my situation, at least I am prepared. And it turn real fine than what I expected. To start with, I love doing the run midnight. There is no sun so it's not hot. Something I really find challenging doing a long run on a bright sunny day. Doing it also on a Skyway is something that runners do not share the road with the vehicles. I do not have to compete with the vehicles,  it's less stressful. There are enough water at the water stations though I really do not get and drink water at each station, I bring my own hydration belt which I did not even consume and use all of my water and Gatorade. Bananas are available at km 21, I got 2 as my food. I eat one right away while I eat the second one on km 31, though I missed the Gu gels at km 32. Actually I did not know  that there are some and since I do not drop by that water station so I missed it. Oh well.

The first 10 km I pace with Arvin, he is really fast that there is no way for me to relax on my pace. Surprisingly I was able to cope with his pace. But after the 10 km mark, he just run fast. I did not bother to run after him anymore. I thought of just going back to my own pace. I just enjoy my pace, no view though because it's dark but I just find joy on looking at other marathoners running in front of me, whom others I know.The view of the moon is just very relaxing. It's like I am in communion with God while doing the run passed midnight. Upon reaching the 23 km surprisingly Arvin is infront of me again. I followed his pace, it was back to a fast one again. I am glad, I can push myself further, he mentioned of targetting a sub 5 PR, I got inspired of the thought I think it's possible. But after several kilometers he slowed down again which I am left alone ahead. I went back to my slower pace.

What I noticed though, on the stations that I get water I drink too much, it was not just a sip but a drink. The water is cold so I find it refreshing, but with this I feel like I need to pee but I do not want to do it while on the race. I noticed the portalets on several distances are with line of runners waiting for their turn. I do not want to waste my time.  So I proceed running with a motivation that I need to pee at the end of the race. I do not know if that helps me or not.  

What was effective for me on this race? I guess it's the following:   anticipating what will happen, timing on when to eat and drink, when to run a faster pace and when to slow a bit, always mindful of how my body is working, which part is in pain, am I sleepy or not and I goal of finishing the race without the sun yet. 

I consumed 2 bottles of water on my hydration belt and twice refilling it along the water stations, 2 sachet of Gu gels,  4 pcs of kisses chocolate, 3 pcs. of soft candy, 1 mini pack of boy bawang (I decided to bring out my boy bawang when I feel I am a bit bored which I got afraid I might feel sleepy) and 2 pcs banana.

My strategy on my being a woman having my monthly period on this event? Thank goodness to the advise of my good friend Rica Mendoza, I put a safety pin on both ends of the sanitary napkin attached to my undies, clip outside. And it worked. As I begin to sweat and I can feel my leggings already wet, the sanitary pad is still in place.

My security blanket on this race?
4 bottles of liquid on my hydration belt (2 bottles of plain water & 2 bottles of Gatorade) 
1 pc sanitary napkin (which I did not use, I did not even visit the portalets)
1 small sachet of wet ones
1 pc trail mix (which I did not eat)
2 pcs Gu Gel (I eat all)
5 pcs soft candy
4 pcs kissis chocolate
camera which I did not use at all while on the race
and lots of prayers

I thank Arvin for asking me to join this race, at first I did not think of doing again the skyway race. I had fun. And I also thank him for the ride and for the pictures. I also got a chance to meet his ultramarathoner friends, they are an inspiration. I also thank the rest of my friends who were around during tha race. Most of all I thank God for giving me the strength to finsh the race. It was another adventure acheived. 

Note: Some of  the pictures are taken from the FB album of Arvin Arcilla.

Pictures: Condura Skyway Full Marathon 2012

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  1. nice post che! yey to overcoming your woman issues! congrats on your strong finish! :D