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Several days after my year 2012 started, fresh from my big expedition and still uncertain what races to join and mountains to climb for the year, I learn from my friend  Seow Kong Ng whom I met last year  in FB and personally  meet at Kinabalu Climbathon that he is running this year (2012) those races that I dream of doing in the future. All I can say is WOW, amazing, he truly is an inspiration for me to aspire for more. At times I thought, where did he get all his strength having to do all that he is doing now. With that, all the more I cannot say that my being a woman and at my age I can make it an excuse not to push beyond what I think I can do.

Having that awe inspiring feeling,  I thought it's about time for me to write down my list of inspirations on the field that I love to do. They are not the people on the limelight but rather they are simple, humble, low-key people whom I meet along the path that I love and enjoy. I admire their passion and enthusiasm to do the outdoor sports and adventure. They inspire me to do the same as well. They are the people that I meet on different mountains that I've been to for several years now which I keep in touch until now.

Sky Biscocho (Philippines) - is one of my mentor when it comes to matters about outdoor adventure. A fellow climber from Tanauan, Batangas, I met him on my training years in AMCI when I was first introduced to this adventure almost 12 years ago. Since then I look up to him when it comes to strength and endurance on climbing whether on an exploration or on an established trail. And aside from his passion on climbing he paints well and sings well too. Outdoor person and talent in arts combined, blessed guy. 

Mr. Su (Taiwan) - my very first mentor in alpine/snow climbing. I met him on my very first snow/winter  climb way back February of 2008. Without any knowledge and experience on winter climbing (it's even my very first time to see a snow), the three novice on alpine climbing decided to climb on a winter and he  agreed to guide us all the way despite our being inexperienced and unprepared. He patiently check our gears and recommends to us what to use, which gear we should buy and which gear we can improvised, what to do on a high altitude trek, when to stop on the trail,  when to eat trail food, what to do in order not to feel too cold, what we should do on the camps, and he cook great food for us. He speaks very little English but he makes it an effort that he will get his message across when we are conversing. And one thing I really admire him, despite his age he is still very physically active in sports, mountaineering, badminton and biking. He has been to Nepal twice. As short and stocky and at his age, he is strong, carries more than 35kgs pack, not really pack but a cabinet and he treks fast. He takes care of us every time we are in Taiwan, brings us to the best local restaurants and order the best fresh foods and drink with the boys too and tour us around. Thank you Mr. Su for the friendship and the fun. He is my father in alpine climbing.

Tatang Haron (Philippines) - is from General Santos. I met him on the 3rd Mt. Napulak invitational climb in Iloilo last January 2011. Since then we become good friends.  His playgroun is Mt. Parker,  he promised to bring us there, which he did and not only that he also showed us to neighboring mountain, Matutum and enjoy the beauty of Lake Sebu. What made him so amazing, despite his age, he still trek mountains a lot and joins adventure races and triathlons too. Strong man, and full of life.

Miguel 'Lito' Sanchez (Argentina) - an Argentine, our lead guide in Mt. Aconcagua. He keeps an active lifestyle on the outdoors and teach others who are into that same passion when it's off season of climbing in their place. His achievements on climbing as a person is superb, having been able  to do those difficult and not ordinary climbs in the past. He takes care of us on our climb to Aconcagua, making sure that we are doing well and adjusting well to the altitude. I know him not that long enough though but I hope to keep in touch when it is possible and hopefully when I go back to that big mountain I still can get him as my lead guide. His achievements in mountaineering inspires me to aim for more and never stop dreaming of climbing the big mountains. 

Seow Kong Ng (Malaysia) - a Malaysian that lives almost half of his life in China. When it comes to ultra running and ultra endurance races, this man is just simply amazing. I cannot believe where he gets all his energy with all the ultra races  that he has been joining. And not just that, despite his age, he still perform well in almost all of each race that he participated. I meet him through FB last year when one of my friend made a comment in one of his races, since then I followed his posts of his races and read stories about each race. Amazing is all I can think of him. He joined those races that I wish I can join and be part of someday. In his case, he did it already. Isn't that incrideble? His strong will to endure and grit to persevere is just amazing. With him, I know I cannot put again my being a woman and my age to be a hindrance of excelling in something on what one wants to achieve. I wish to do some of the races that he has done, I know not all but at least some, when I have the financial resources and still have the physical strength to do it.  His achivements will always be a source of inspiration.

Macon Dannogan (US) - the man I meet at Zara Tours in Springland Hotel in Moshi, Tanzania when we are about to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He is not an African but rather he is an American from Charlotte, North Carolina who inspires US climbers  of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and guide them through Zara tours. Since my successful summit that year, he keeps in touch until now. He patiently answer to my queries about climbing, and outdoors. He has been to Mt. Kilimanjaro more than 20  times now. When it comes to climbing for a cause, he is a master of it. He never gets tired of bringing others and showing Mt. Kilimanjaro to those interested. I wish to join some of his organized climb when I will have the chance to be in North Carolina one of this days.   

Matthew Brown ( US) - my guide from Rubicon Outdoors when I did the Grand Canyon trek on a winter season December of 2009. He is very helpful in every way on my trip. And not just that, he made sure that we have the most comfortable accommodation on the tent despite the freezing cold temperature. He also lend us some gears without any rentals at all. It's his hobby to bring others not just to this amazing canyon but also to other beautiful outdoor destinations in Prescott Arizona. And not just his being an outdoor person that I admire him most, he is a family man too, married to an outdoor lady from South Africa and now having two beautiful little girls whom he also bring in the outdoors when possible. We keep in touch until now. 

There it goes. They will forever be my source of inspiration.

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