Wednesday, September 26

Something New, Something Different - Multi Staged Race

I have been seeing and reading about multi day staged races, I have been wanting to test myself how I am going to perform on such race, but been wondering how on earth will I gonna get the experience, the registration fee in itself is already goddamn soooooooooo expensive.

Until the universe conspires and here it is, a chance for me to do it. Honetly, I still do not know how to do it. I am pretty sure I will survive the distance but it is the nutrition that I got so worried about. I have tested myself in Mt. Aconcagua, I cannot perform so well on bread and cookies alone on several days. On this race, it has to a self support with water as the only thing that the organizer will provide.

Sharing the recent write up about this event. Hopefully it will keep in perspective.

The Ancient Khmer Path - 6 day, 230 km staged ultra
By: Press Release

GlobalLimits is a company based in Germany, but they bring an organizational team coming from three continents to this event.
Organizers Stefan Betzelt (GlobalLimits Founder/Cambodia Race Director) and Chuck Walker (Cambodia Course Director) are on the ground this week, doing their final scout of the 230 km route - braving Cambodia’s rainy season on dirt bike. They plan on much better road conditions for runners, though, as they have set the race for late November, the beginning of Cambodia’s dry season.
The race itinerary runs from November 16th, 2012 (overnight in Phnom Penh, race check-in and city tour), then through November 18th to 23rd with six running stages. The daily distances are mostly between 32 and 45 km, with one long 65 km stage on Day 3, and an easier 16 km run, finishing by the temple in Angkor, on the final day.
Organizers promise a scenic route brimming with local culture, and nearly entirely on tracks and trails - mostly flat or rolling, with only two larger hills along the entire route. The registration fees include camping and permitting fees, as well as entry into the temples.
So far, 30 runners representing 16 countries have already registered for the race, including Spain’s legendary ultramarathoner Salvador Calvo Redondo - who set a record by winning the first three editions of the Racing the Planet Series in 2008, 2009 and 2010. (Although there will be cut-off times along the stages, organizers indicate that the race course and timing are designed for all levels of runners, including first-time ultramarathoners).
The event runs from November 16-24, 2012. The total distance over the six days is 230 km. For more info:

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