Monday, September 10

A Weekend Work Out

Stevedore mode, from 4th floor to ground floor.  
I've been wanting do some run especially last weekend in preparation to my ultra race this weekend. But because we are due to transfer to a new apartment and most of my things are left unpacked, I have no choice but really stay and finish everything. 

First off, moving out always breaks my heart. This is not my very first time to move, infact this is my third time of my 22 years stay in the Metro. On each one in the past, I always feel the same, sad, but this is the most heartbreaking of all. Probably it has something to do with my present emotional state.

With so many things I am going through for the past months, personal and work life, it seems like this move is just really a major issue for me. I always love my place, it is small, a bit crowded for the five of us but our neighbors are very kind, the admin. and security are always there if weI need something, but because our rooms are always flooded every time it rains, we feel we really need a new place. Indeed, we find one. New place, adjusting again, getting familiar with the environment, how to stay safe especially going home late at night. 

I never thought we can gather such amount of things in our 10 years stay here. It's just really a never ending pack of things big and small. We started hauling things Saturday, though I left the carrying of boxes, plastic bags and things from 4th floor to ground floor to my sisters, for my things are all left unpacked which I need to finish it fast. It was just one trip that day and we decided to extend one more night at room 401. There are still so much left unpacked,    I am already stressed. Come Sunday, the final move of all, I have to make decisions, what car to take, negotiations on the payment, talk to people. After I finally packed all those that are mine, I finally started hauling things myself. 

Doing the carry from 4th floor to ground floor on several times for several hours with load on my shoulders. I just thought this is my way of doing the work out that I have been longing to do, a long slow distance run with a bonus of ramps for several hours. We finally finish hauling everything early evening. 

Finally at the new place, body aches from yesterdays big move but happy that it's finally done.

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