Friday, September 21

Lift Up 4

It is not the mountain we conquer but ZARA TOURS

Exactly what I feel every time I climb mountains, be it the minor peaks or the major ones.

I summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro September 1, 2008. My very first attempt of conquering one of the seven summit peaks. It was not an easy climb for me, slowly I was hit by the altitude sickness. Headache is slowly felt but I just have to push further despite it. The summit was not as full of snow as shown above but the summit push was just too windy. I am glad we had guides that were just too persistent and did not give up on us. I swear my thought was never to do this again.

But truly how the human mind can easy forget what the body went through. Several months after we come back, we already thought which next summit to conquer. Though it took time but it happened. And my second attempt was a different story. Indeed it gives so much meaning about conquering oneself and not the mountain peak itself.

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