Monday, October 1

KOTR Philippines 2012

Awesome Sunday.

Got a free race bib for KOTR Philippines 2012. My almost every Tuesday attendance at adiNation: Ayala Triads  qualify me to be one of  the almost a hundred qualified runners from this group who are entitled for a free race bib. Had it not of the free bib, I might give this race a pass for the registration fee is just to expensive compared to how it costs few years back.
Aside from my running group, seeing familiar faces and friends also makes this event so much fun. I saw Anna Blanco at the starting line while waiting for the gun start. On the very short time that we waited, we were able to update things on the midst of the noise from the sound system. I tried to catch up with her at the finish line but I miss her finish. On the other hand I meet Nina Dacanay at the activity area after the race. I am just glad to see her, I haven't been able to see her after my India trip. Both encounter was just short but sweet and precious.

My few first times on this race.

1. My first time to run a 16.8km distance. I crossed the finish line 1 hour 50 minutes 46 seconds. Not a very good record, I myself feel I can push a little faster but I opted to be a little relax, I just have to be safe and injured free especialy on the slippery road due to the drizzle along the race and the rain few hours before the start.
2. My first time on the many races that I joined that I did not bring any hydration belt for my need of  fluid and food. I brought with me my newly bought Nathan hydration belt but when I see most of the runners did not bring any hydration bottle with them, I opted to leave it at the baggage counter. I stripe myself the security blanket that I bring with me in almost all my races. It turn out good, I was able to manage to survive on aid stations every time I feel I need to hydrate and was able to grad few bananas and candies though I have to negotiate through the crowd at the station.
3. My very first time to wear a running skirt that is that short. Not my usual running attire especially on a city road race. I think about it several times and even had a dress rehersal several times prior to the race,   I really feel un-easy but I thought I should try on this one for I have this with me for several years now and I still haven't used it. Not so bad after all, I was just too conscious on the first few kilometers but after that I got the hang out of it already. Oh well, I guess others will think of this as so nonesense writing it here but funny this is a big thing for me.   I may look so confident running and walking with it, but deep inside me I was too concious exposing so much part of my thunder thighs.

4. Not very me, asking a TV personality for a picture taken. Whahhhh....I have been to so many races that has actors and actresses as participants, but it was only today  that I got the guts and the playful mind to ask from a male TV teenager personality as we are  lining up behind  at the finisher's booth to get a loot bag. It was Robi from PBB Teen Edition. He was kind enough to grant my request as well. So nice of him.

Kudos to the organizer, it was a successful race full of fun. The aid stations had enough fluid for all the runners, the bananas and candies are very helpful for a runner like me who did not  bring any food provision for the race. The energetic cheerers with costume brightens the gloomy rainy running day. And most of all to my running family AyalaTriads. You all rock. I had so much fun running with you guys.
My day did not end after the race. We proceed to Tripalooza, the last day of the triathlon bazzar. Hoping that I will be able to finally buy a pair of shoes that is on 50% off only if I will be able to get another buyer as my partner. Indeed, I got Tina convinced to share it with me. Happy, I got the shoes that I hope will introduce me to minimalist and hopefully do a little of the barefoot technology. But I know this will be a long way to go for me. So I got a shoes, a hydration belt and a shirt for the weekend bazaar. But aside from that I come across some Filipino who is looking for athletes that will test their brand. And a perfect timing, they are based in Singapore which I will be coming next month for my next race. Excited to have  their product tested for my local and international races.
What a good way to end my month of September. October here I come, my birthday month and birthday of my few loved ones and several friends.  Looking forward to my TNF100 SG race. I welcome you October with so much excitement despite the challenges that I know I will encounter ahead. Be sweet and kind to me please.

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