Saturday, June 30

A Little Step Further

I always love to run when I am in my home province. It's just so easy to put on my running shoes first thing in the morning before doing anything else, just before breakfast. This time around is just like the many times that I am home, the only difference is that it has been raining since the day I arrived. Which is a good thing, it has not been raining for almost a month now which is evident on the plants around the house. And the household helpers told me no matter how many times they water the plants, it just does not help so much. The leaves are still dry due to the the heat of the sun. 

I squeeze in a run twice despite my hectic schedule, I've been wanting to run for I haven't been able to run before I left home. On my second day, I decided to run on the opposite route that I use most of the time before, now towards Enrique Villanueva. I seldom use this route, for there are just too many dogs in one of the house near our place. Surprisingly at this time there isn't any. It was gloomy, but I am hoping it will not rain. I drop by the house of Maristel to inform her Mom to get the stuffs that I brought. After that, I just simply run. Some neighbors that know me greeted me, the usual thing, running again?  It's a weekday, and I pass by school children on their way to school. Most of them are amazed with how I push myself to run despite the weather. I did not intend to run further for I did not even bring any hydration with me, but it was just too tempting to go further. With how I enjoy the green scenery and the fresh air, I know I can reach the next town, but at some point I decided to turn back, for I do not want to be caught in the rain. And I am glad I did. Just less than a  kilometer before I reach home, it started to drizzle, I am beginning to get wet. 

The following day, I run again, at this time on the opposite direction and to deliver some stuffs to some of my relatives on the next barangay where we are. That way it will save me time of going there later the day. I did not go any further for it will be too late already for me on the road at the same time I might be caught on a heavy rain. 

I've been wanting to do some trail run, in fact I talked to some of my folks if it will be possible for me to join them in their morning routine of pasturing their cows and goats in the farm up hill, they do not buy to the idea of me running while they will be taking their time feeding the animals, but I know I can do it the next time I will be home. One thing that I also want to do is connect all the local trails that starts from the main road especially near home.

Running like a child, a happy soul.

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