Wednesday, June 6

aNR Session 11: All Wet for a Core Training

June 5, 2012

It has been raining almost the entire day, then it stopped. Just before the scheduled 7:00pm regular Tuesday session of the Ayala Triads' adiNation, it started to drizzle again. But the rain did not stop the session from pushing through.

What's in-store for us tonight? Core training.

Group 1: Beginners
3 loops (3.6K) an easy pace, galloway 2-1
1. Glute Bridge (4 counts) then 1.2K Run
2. Abdominal Crunches (10-10-20-10-100, then 1.2K Run
3. Glute Bridge with Marching( 4 counts), then 1.2K Run
4. Sideways Crunches (5 counts), then 1.2K Run
5. Bodyweight Hight Bridge (20 counts), then 1.2K Run

Looks easy but promise it is not when properly done and when one is on a race pace on each running interval. The big team is divided into groups of 10, and I am on a group that sees the training as a good way to develop the speed. It's best to have a faster pace on training, then come race day, it will be a relax yet still a fast pace.

I like the idea, and I strive to cope the pace of the fast runners on my team. I am glad I did it though at the later set of the exercise I am on the last most part of the pack. We have to run as one group on the same pace.

Because the drizzle now turns to a rain that continue it's slow down pour,  all of us are drenched on the rain and the sweat as we continue each set of exercises. I go back to the office really wet but I am glad and satisfied on last night's session, it was a productive one. Til the next one Ayala Triads. Thank you Zaldy and Gia for another productive night.  Cheers

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