Wednesday, June 20

aNR Session 13

What we did in adiNation last night?

Metafit. A combination of core exercises plus speed run on the inner loop of Ayala Triangle for two sets. Sounds easy but promise it is not.

There was no rain, in fact it was a bit humid. The group was divided into three teams again, one for beginner, intermediate and advance. I go for advance at this time, the group that I have been training and running with when I am not on my recovery runs. Most of my friends are not around, but familiar faces are still there.

But what makes it different at this time, the muscles on the upper back part of my thighs on both legs are just really aching. I am not too sure if this is because of the 21K run that I did last weekend. I did not feel this the day before and even before this exercise. I've been contemplating if I will stop, I still manage to cope up with the pace of the majority members of the group, but really I am struggling. I wanted to maximize my training to do the sprint as instructed and religiously do the exact number of counts on the exercises, but I really can feel the pain in my legs. So I opted to just take an easy and slow pace on both the run and the core exercises.
I finished despite the minor pain on my upper thigh. It feels better after several stretching, I hope this is just a sore muscle due to my run two days ago. It scares me to think that this might be an injury. I really hope not. 

But despite the worries, I end the night happy knowing that I was still able to do the exercises and able to be with the people whom I play on the paved side streets of Ayala Triangle on Tuesdays.

I will not be around next session for I will be in the province but I hope I can still do a long run by then. 

Thank you Zaldy and Gia for a great session.

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