Monday, March 12

Pinoy Trails: Trail 101 with Altra Running PH

Yesterday's run was spent with friends from UPNR who selflessly shared their expertise, knowledge and skills in trail running to participants who wanted to learn more about the sport at Wawa, Montalban, Rizal, headed by Mr. Pinoy Trails himself Mr. Jose Ramizares.

The event started at Ati My's backyard at the local community in Wawa, with a talk about the event, what to expect during the course of the actual trail run  after which the main speaker, one of the most successful ultra runner in the local running community, Master Jon Las Bruce shared his experience in trail running.

Lucky participants they heard it from  his first hand trail running experience the basics of trail running like gear preparation, a little of nutrition and hydration, how to manage uphill terrain and downhill sections and most importantly the leave no trace principle.  

The UPNR Members were readily available  to lead and guide the participants that were divided into  teams in  the actual trail run that passed through the VK Trail of RMR up to Parawagan Peak on a cooler sunny Sunday morning. A continuation of the short talk at the peak about Leave No Trace principle I can say was one of the most important  part of the event.

We as trail runners,  are merely visitors of the mountains and trails that we pass by, and that we should carry all trash that we have and should not peak or get anything that we see along the trail. After countless picture taking, the group went down and a lecture was continued at the Acacia Junction to show the downhill techniques.  

Back at Ati Mys backyard, the event ended with a mini socials after raffling off merchandise from Pinoy Trails, Amihan and Altra. 

Salute to the individuals behind this event, for it is through sharing that we can have more  responsible runners that will take care of oneself and most importantly of the environment too. We are one in our passion and together we learn and train.See you all in the trails runners. Hope you learn something yesterday.

Photo credit to Barok, Pinoy Trails 

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