Saturday, March 10

Altra TIMP Trail - Be Seen in the Dark

I had my pair of lovely turquoise blue colored Altra TIMP Trail last year, but  I said I will reserve it for bigger race. I still have my favorite Altra Superior anyway. Until last weekend I decided to make this my partner in the trail. 

A right choice. With Cordillera Mountain Ultra's  hard packed trails, some rocky and rooty parts and paved road on the last part, the maximum cushioning of this shoes protected my aching left mid sole foot from my previous long  race.

I was just bouncing back and fort and flying on the 15km downhill part not noticing any pain that has been bothering me the past few days. The GaiterTrap™ hook-and-loop tabs provided attachment points for gaiters protecting my feet  from the pebbles and soil. That gave me less hassle in clearing my shoes from discomfort.

The weight-balanced from front to back with a 0mm heel-to-toe drop of this shoes encouraged low-impact landing most especially on the downhill parts plus the wide toe box allowed my  toes to spread naturally and move freely avoiding blisters on my feet.

The grippy rubber outer soles that comes with 4mm lugs and a trail rudder for mowing down all kinds of rough terrain was really perfect on the rocky parts of the trail.

And when it was just too hot and I just kept on pouring water on myself, the drainage holes in uppers help shed out excess water. I still have to test this on river crossings but it was already perfect at that moment.

And most of all, this pair  just gives me joy every time I looked down into it, I can see it glows in the dark, the 360° reflectivity helps keep me visible in the dark. Isn't that lovely?



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