Thursday, February 12

It Runs In Our Blood - That Thing Called Genetic Weakness

“Your liver cysts is genetic, you got it from the genes on your father side. Most likely among the 4 female children that you have, 3 will have the same health concern.”

And it goes the same thing with a family that a loved one died of  cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc. Partly WRONG. Genetic weakness only comprises 33% of having the same health condition as your ancestors had. There is still remaining 67% which comprises  your lifestyle (33%) and cellular supplementation and proper diet (33%). So certain disease that your family members died of can be avoided. The key? Take care of your health. Avoid too much stress; eat healthy food, exercise daily  and proper supplementation.  It’s always best  to stay healthy while you are still healthy, it’s always better to prevent diseases, than looking for a cure.

So even if a certain genetic weakness runs in our blood, I am praying that the cellular supplementation that we are taking now will at least help protect us from such diseases that Daddy, Lolo, Nana and other relatives died of,  will keep the cells of our body healthy and will protect from damage and degenerative diseases. With Essentials, Biomega and Proflanol C, plus exercise and good food, at least these will keep us from being hypertensive, keep  our cells away from cancer, liver concerns among others.

How about you? Have you given a thought on how to take care of your health? Take care of your body while you are still healthy and strong. Ask me how, I may be of help.


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