Monday, February 16

Back to Basic - A Very Good Reminder

With my coming long race, I was left with no other chance but just this weekend to do my long run. Quite a tough choice, had  my Valentine dinner with some good friends who really wish I will  let go of my long run the following day. My heart wish I can stay with them as well, but really need to go. Half hearted I left Antipolo late giving me less than 2 hours of sleep before my Sunday long run. I just have to do this otherwise I will suffer running my long race two weeks from now. I am not expecting any PB but just want a decent finish.

Honestly, I haven't been clocking good runs the past 2 months, no decent and solid training runs and only come back to serious runs over a month ago. The announcement of an LSD from KFC Airport Road to Palace in the Sky Tagaytay via Emelio Aguinaldo Highway gave me an interest to join. I know it is an uphill route but I thought I will definitely survive on this. I just want to run that long no matter what my time will be.

Photo courtesy of Noel Ko
A change of starting line at Bamboo Organ I cause a little delay, thanks to my running mates for waiting for me, my fault I did not check the thread of comments. As we start the run, most of the time I was at the back of the group, there was only 4 of us, until we reached 19km. I felt ok despite my little push to keep up with the group. One of our running mate joined us (Dabull) coming from a 10km road race.  He decided to stay at the back as sweeper. I push a little faster until the first pit stop,  at Lugawan. Hungry. Been longing for the food and cold drinks. A bowl of lugaw with beef tapa and hard boiled egg plus 1 bottle of mountain dew. That energized me.

As we resume with our run, I was already at the back next to Dabull. Probably bothered with my running form, he finally said, with my stride, cadence, and form, I am consuming so much energy. He corrected me by a reminder of how it should be done: smaller faster strike while lifting each leg a little higher,  upright torso leaning a little forward, breath in from navel to chest and breath out synchronized to my stride, keeping in mind the one 2 three count. I know this before but when I am faced with so much pressure to perform better and faster all the more I go back to my original form.

After few minutes, I felt comfortable with my pace, feel lighter and more faster in speed. It is working. Still with Dabull at my back giving reminder on my form I continue on, his first suggestion of Galloway of 10minute run and a minute walk I did not follow most of the time. Hard headed student. But after some time I realized, a minute stop will break the routine and will give me the habit of consciously getting back to the right form. And I like it.

Aside from all the pep talks that Dagull give while we are on the move, he also takes time to teach me  on what to do while on pit stop, a little stretching on the legs and arms and sometimes do little massage on my thigh and calves. That really felt great.

Aside from the physical form, what I also like on this run is the company of Noel who is so concern with food and hydration. Thanks to him, we all are oblige to stop, drink, eat, hydrate, and rest. That I also was able to practice here. Lugaw, hard boiled egg, fudge bar, chips, halo halo and a lot of soda. (I know my liver is complaining as it is not used to soda anymore, thanks to Hepasil, I will just cleanse and detox for a healthy liver despite all the unhealthy drinks - soda, energy drinks, gels.)

The most awaited monument of Ninoy at  the Rotonda in Tagaytay may seemed to be taking forever especially on the slowly uphill route and the sun already comes out from an overcast morning,  I finished with a smile on my face. I learned a lot from this run. I gained my mileage for the week, but not only that, I also was reminded of how I should be able to maximize my energy in running by applying the right form and also taking the right food and liquid at a proper time. Thank you Ayala Triads, you all are the best.
Photo courtesy of Xenon Walde
This is what I missed in exchange of my LSD, the Pinto Museum

But its ok. There will always be next time for Pinto, thankful for being  rewarded with the beautiful view of
Taal Lake at the end of our long run

And a good Bulalo at Mahogany Market as our meal right after the run. Yumminess.

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