Friday, November 16

Multi Staged Race - The Final Preparation

"Getting myself organized and be ready before my  departure date for a multi staged race  is much more difficult than I thought it will be," was my very thought as I was staring at a file of packed of foods of different kind on top of my dining table  as I am organizing my expedition food.

More than the physical preparation that I have been pushing myself with numerous races almost every weekend, time has come I need to prepare my things, the gears and the food that I will be needing for the race. Having in mind that only 10kgs of food and gear is the only weight allowance that I am allowed to give to the organizer as the race progress. Sounds easy but as I come to the final staged of packing, it is not at all.

The food. What a dillema I have to face what kind of food do I really have to bring. It will be six days, right, six days of my own food that will be part of the 10kgs weight allowance. I have to think lots of times,  each meal should be a balance diet of carbohydrates and protien, ideally it should be the expedition food, those that are packed that only needs hot water and ready to eat. But because this is something  I cannot find in the stores in the country, I resorted to the once given by my friend in the military, luckily I have one pack. The amount is not sufficient, I scout around what more can I bring and ended up bringing the instant noodles and packed viands. I just hope this will be sufficient enough to sustain me.

The mandatory gear and equipment. Keeping in mind the weight allowance,  I have to think lots of times which kind of gear I will bring. Even if list has been provided by the organizer on what to bring, I have to choose those that are light and not so bulky. This is not an easy task to do either.

I have successfully load 10kgs of things in my expedition pack, but I have to carry some on my hydration pack while on the race. This is it, aside from the gear and the food, what is more mandatory for me is to pack lots of excitement and enthusiasm for the coming 10 days of adventure. I know this will not be easy but this is going to be so much fun.

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