Sunday, July 26

39th Milo Marathon 2015 - Manila Leg

Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success. - Unknown

I'd like to think my race this morning was a success. It may not be my best time on a full marathon and I may  not made it to my qualifying time for the finals, yet I put my very best in every inch of the race despite my condition and I am happy with the result. I am happy I decided to gave it a chance. I performed so much better from my previous full marathon last March. But of course I really wished I qualified. 
Photo credit to Miga Dyna.

As oppose to my fear last night and contemplating if  will go for it or not, almost the entire part of the race I felt good, ofcourse with constant checking of how my body is doing while counting the distance. I kept a good pace with the company of Miss Gia at the back. I moved within my target time on the first 30km despite the fact that I had to stop at the portalet few meters before km22, my upset stomach needed to be unloaded. I speed up my pace after and still catched up with Miss Gi. I slowed down at km30 and still has 45minutes left at km37. The weather as perfect,  kept a good pace which surprised myself with how well I ran.  I kept a positive mind and prayed hard that I can make it within cut off time.

Got surprise at the last 2km though with lots of U-turn, it could have been nice if they put the additional 2km distance going to Luneta, but the bottom line is, I still did not qualify. I know, I should train more next time. 

Coquinone, Rev3, Tailwind and 2 PowerGels brought me up to the finish line.
As a rule, whatever you will use on race day, make sure you had used it and tested it in your trainings and preparations prior to the race. From your running gear: shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, tank top, underwear, headwear. More so with your nutrition: hydration and food on the race.

Just like my quest of improving my speed since I started running, my nutrition and hydration has become a major challenge as I count the years that I get myself into the sport. I develop acid reflux as I add ultra races on my list, one of the major challenge in any of my races. This time since I suffer from gastro intestinal pain since Thursday evening and my condition made a slow progress of healing until yesterday, it was a puzzle for me on what nutrition to take. I used Coquinone, Rev3 and Tailwind in my past races, which I thought of using it as my main source of energy and nutrition this time. I brought PowerGel as back up but not so sure if I will use it for it might worsen the condition of my stomach, and gummy mixed fruits. Only taking water at the aid stations, the Tailwind and PowerGel sustained me all through out. I took 2 capsules of Coquinone 2 hours before the race, usually I took 3 on ultra races, and 1 sachet of Rev3 which usually I took another sachet as I count the days on my race.    And it worked for me. I did not feel nauseous  and felt energized all through out.

Tip: Always bring wet ones and lose bills. You'll never know when to use it.

Altra Torin and Feeture Socks - Perfect Pair
I am not saying this because I am an Ambassador of Altra but because it worked for me. The big toe box really helped me with my blister concern in the past. Torin model is not perfect, the insole is slippery especially when it starts to get wet in my previous training runs, most likely because of the rubber on the  inner side. What I did? Improvised. I used the insole of my Altra Lone Peak and it fits well. No blisters no dead toe nails on this race.

I guess having these two combined with my manual time monitoring  as I progress on the race (as I do not have watch that monitor my pace - manual calculation of my time made my mind occupied but it could have helped probably if I had the watch and monitor my pace - just a thought) made up what I got for today: 4:49:22 (unofficial) 

It was nice to run with friends that I know of for years and happy to gain new friends along the way (two Malaysian and one Japanese who came just for this race). Congratulations to all the finishers, my snappy salute  to all the qualifiers most especially to those that I know and train with in preparation for this race. I make them my inspiration to train harder in preparation for the next race. Kami na ang susunod na mag qualify. For now I will remain part of Team Malabo. 

A race powered by: Prince MultiSports Sunvisor, Ash Be Nimble Top and shorts, MWM Headwear, Altra Torin Shoes and Feetures Socks, Coquinone, Rev3, TailWind and PowerGel.

Happy feet with happy soul. I thank God for an injured free race and the strength all through out the race. On to the next adventure.


  1. Congrats Che.

    See you soon in September :)

    1. Thank you Rayzeef. Yes, see you n September.

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