Wednesday, June 17

Summits of Our Lives

Photo courtesy of Thailand Mountain Trail Official Photographer

It pays to look back as we climb the summits of our lives. The obstacles that lay beforehand may overwhelm us, but there is a relief in knowing that the view is better behind, pushing us to greater heights and enabling us to move forward. (Thanks L.Ano)
Discover your potential and know how far you can go. Push your limits. See the beauty of the northern part of Thailand. 

UPDATE: The event for this year has been canceled. Hopefully there will be one next year. 

Join the First Edition of Ultra Thai Chiang Mai (UTCM) - 4-6 December 2015! 150km distance, 8’800m+8’500m-, from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand. Let's do this. 
Register on for Ultra Trail single  or Stage race!!!!!!!

My account on  UTCM - Zero Edition:  Ultra Thai Chiang Mai Zero Edition

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