Thursday, April 2

Life's Journey

'Life is a journey and not just a destination.' - a  good phrase to reflect on this Lenten Season.

Of all the things I have done in my life, most especially the imperfect and unforgivable ones, the mistakes that I regret deeply,  I realized despite all the imperfections,  nothing beats kindness, consistency, hard work, drive, passion, trust, self- respect, commitment, believe in oneself, hope  and most of all LOVE.  All these, no matter how hard challenges maybe or how bad mistakes may have done, triumph will definitely be achieved. 

All these are the great ingredients of the so called life journey!!!
Mix them all together and what do we have ... This beautiful thing called LIFE!!
But NO life is perfect...

It's simply a matter of how we graciously hurdle the blows and challenges we face in our daily lives !
All of us are responsible to light our own candles for hope that we will all be guided to the path most appropriate for us .. The life meant for us to Live continuously !! What God has shaped us to have... Believe, have faith and stay happy inside.

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