Sunday, March 8

Face That Fear - Mt. Maria Makiling - Reverse Traverse

I have a confession to make. But promise me not to laugh at me. I have FEAR  of heights.

Yah, right. From rapelling at one of the building in Makati University to wall climbing at Power Up Capitolyo to Silver City in Tiendesitas to Sandugo Wall in Market Market to out door rock trips in Wawa Montalban to Atimonan or Krabi in Thailand or Batu Cave in Kuala Lumpur or scaling the vertical wall of Mt. Guiting Guiting or that vertical drop at Mt. Mayon and before the Knife Edge of Halcon, promise I  always get that shaky knees and butterflies on my stomach. Only God knows how afraid I am and I know that is evident on my face.

Last Saturday, I face that fear again. Doing some trail running at Mt. Maria Makiling with a Reverse Traverse route, we have to go down the few rope segments which mostly used going up by hikers. Looks like we are the only one doing that crazy route. The risk is just really very high, with no life line (harness and rope used in rock climbing), I know I have to hold my life tight into the rope otherwise  my life will be at risk of one wrong move and if I can let go of my hand. With our lead, George, showing me how to do it, I just had to trust in myself and have faith that I can do this. Slow with every step down with so much care. Thank God, all of  made it through the danger part and through the entire run safe and injured free, I may have 1 leech bite.

Of the many things that I went through in life, be it literally facing that height on my expeditions and adventures on climbing, hiking, trail running or that moment in life that I just do not know what lies ahead of me, I just have to overcome that fear, face it heads on and trust that everything will turn out fine. As I always said to myself and to others, that which will not kill you will make you so much stronger. And that fear, that is just a false evidence appearing to be real. So no matter how scary that is, just face it.

Let your DREAMS be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings. Vision yourself to be in one of the most beautiful place on earth.

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