Sunday, September 21

A Weekend Well Spent

After last week's chaos came order.
I was down with a flu since Wednesday, my system just really got so low as an effect of my busy hectic days earlier under a damp weather. Tried to uplift myself but it was just hard when I was physically struggling. Appetite on food was gone, lost few more pounds that I am back to my college days weight now.  Three sleepless nights but forced myself to keep a normal schedule on daytime until forced to stay home Friday, typhoon Mario brought so much water that it got the streets flooded again. Despite my unwell condition I had to monitor the water level, thank goodness the rain stopped and water subsided.

Saturday was still gloomy but finally streets were dry up. Had to go out and see my dear friend and her little angel, to bring the Usanimals to her and I have been longing to spend some time to both of them. Over a glass of juice at Seattle's Best we were just there spending quality time talking about life and lessons learned, adventures and aspirations. I am always happy to spend time with this two lovely and adorable persons.

A sweet surprise before my day ends,  I spend another quality time with my travel partner, my climbing buddy, my  friend Zean. Its been awhile since we see each other. Catching up is always fun, how things had been, things we look forward of doing in the future together, races, big climbs, travels, adventures. God, those few moments where I can talk anything to this wonderful person. That made my day.

Sunday, I forced myself to go back on the road, trying to bring back my rhythm  despite my not so well condition yet. The first 10km was fine, not fast but just enough for me to sweat the bad vibes out with the company of two friends. But the next 10km was a struggle, I had to keep my pace with the group. Hydrate, take solid food and watching how I feel, I constantly check. I know I have to  stop if I feel dizzy or nauseous or weak. Thank God I did not. And what made my spirit alive? An outdoor climbing wall. OMG. I never been to the wall for more than 3 years now and I am just glad Sir Jimmy take the time to wait for me and to Urban Peak especially Chito for allowing me to climb despite my being unprepared.
I may be burned but I am happy.  Thank you Dad. Will always be grateful.

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