Tuesday, November 19

Unli Hot Hills at MAP 50KM 2013

Main objective of joining the race:  will be my training run which includes my training for proper hydration and nutrition.

Probably I am one of the last few registrants of this race. With my scheduled deployment as part of the volunteer team for Yolanda to Borongan Samar got postponed and has to wait for further notice, I managed to arrange things two days before the race. Thanks to the arrangement of Russel Hernanadez, and the generosity of Joseph Sibal and for the understanding of the Race Director, Sir Rodel Mendoza.

I came to the starting line really unprepared, with less sleep coming from my volunteer work at Villamor Airbase and my very first long run after my G2G race, I did not expect really a good performance, I will treat this as my LSD ( long slow distance run) as I really did not have any good long run prior to this race. At least I will be forced to do the run.

The race started 4:30am, still dark but manageable, without any headlamp, I just had to be with other runners that has light and making sure that I am not on the inner lane to avoid danger from motorists. After less than a kilometer after gun start was  the beginning of the many uphill on the race course. As I treat this race as my training run, I did not mind the distance I covered, and what distance I still need to do up to the finish line. I push hard on the never ending uphill and run with caution in all the descends. One thing I noticed, there are lots of marshals on the course of the race to make sure of  runners safety; marshals on the road, roving marshals on motorbikes and cars. Aid stations are well stocked with  variety of food and hydration drinks.

A cloudless day with the sun shining to its brightest was another chance for me to do heat training. I push even harder as the sun shines and the mercury goes higher. It was really hot and warm. But I might as well finish it faster. Maintaining my pace even on the uphill, downhill and flats I consciously hydrate and eat even in between stations. I crossed the finish line 4 minutes over 8 hours of running (unofficial) with a happy stomach with a bonus of 4.69km making it a lotal of 54.69km distance. I reach my goal of finishing the race treating it as my training run and one race that I manage my hydration and nutrition well. And I crossed the finish line without blisters though burned from the sun.

Despite my goal of treating this as my training run, I can say this is not an easy over 50km race distance. One of my hardest 50km road race if I may say. With lots of uphill all through out the course plus the heat of the sun, and most of all running on one of the busiest national highway in the country, this is not an easy race to do. I salute to all the runners for having the courage to stand at the starting line, congratulations to the finishers for pushing despite the inconveniences. Kudos to the organizers, you did a good job out there. I did not only come to Atimonon to do rock climbing but now I can say I also run your highway.

At the end of the race I am glad I attain my goal of having a good training run,  able to maintain proper nutrition and hydration with no acid reflux this time. Knees are still ok and stomach is happy which I hope I will be able to maintain the same thing on my next race.

Next stop will be CM50. Thank you to the generous persons who share their resources.

I thank God for giving me the strength to run and finish ultra races.  

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