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Standard Chartered Singapore 2012 - My Unfinished Race

SCSG 2012, my very last out of the country race for the year 2012 and finally checked off this race on my the list unfinished race.

Two years ago, I was with few  friends whom I love to be with not just in running (Arvin Arcilla, Jeffrey Ledesma, Eds Agapito, etc.)  on the same race in Singapore. They were running a full marathon, I am only running a 21km distance. All of them were encouraging me to do the full distance run, going out of a country for just a half marathon is not practical and economical, but I thought I was not prepared to do that long. I have not done any full marathon yet at that time, my longest was just 32km.

A year later, Jepoy went back to accompany our dear friend Aaron Arcilla, it was conflict to my schedule, I had an out of the country expedition, I was not able to join them again. I decided to do it this year, unfortunarely this time nobody among my friends joined me anymore. It's ok, I will do it on my own.

But unfortunately, I registered months earlier and arranged my plane tickets before I decided to do a multi staged race a week before this race. I thought it will just be fine. Not until few days before my flight,  few days after I arrived from Cambodia. I know my legs are still not in good shape to do a full marathon in full speed. Rather than canceling my trip, I decided to just take the run easy, if possible just walk in order not to add sore to my legs, I still have a 100 mile race two weeks after. And adding to that I had a very bad cough and colds to the extent of losing my voice and the worst, the day I arrived in Singapore I had my monthly period, on the very first day of the month, unexpected.

Now, more than my sore legs and my flu, it's my period that I am more worried about. My running attire is not appropriate to my situation. I know too well, this will give me a big problem on the race day itself. I do not want to run and cross the finish line on bloody legs again. Thanks to the offer of my friend in Singapore, Amy Wong, she lend me her 3/4 compression tights, it may not be a full long tights but was more than enough for me. With out reservations even if it was our first time to meet in person, I did not refuse her offer. And true enough, running on 3/4 tights made me more comfortable than in running shorts. So instead of packing some gels and bites of food, I was more concern of bringing with me spare sanitary napkins and extra safety pins, in case I needed to change.

I stand at the starting line having fun looking at the thousands of runners around me. I was on the first wave. There were just really too many many runners around, but it did not bother me at all. It is always expected for a big race like this. Sticking to my plan of taking this race just like a long slow distance run is what I have in mind.As we are released, despite my plan of taking it slowly I cant help but maintain a faster stride. The running crowd is just too inviting to run faster. 

After running for more than an hour, I noticed I  maintained a faster pace that even the 4:30 pacers still behind me. I know I have to slow down, such pace will not do any good to my legs. Though I did not feel a heavy flow of my period, sweating so much will also add up to my concern. The race course for 42km distance is new to me for I only did the 21km race two years ago which has a different starting line. I like most of the part that pass through the trees going through the side of the water and less on the road. A some point I just go slower with 5:00 and 5:15 pacer pass by me. 

It was a cloudy day as compared to the other days in SG but I still can feel the humidity of the place. Every time I pass by the unofficial aid stations that gives ice candy, I don't hesitate of grabbing which I end up having 3 pieces despite my cough and colds. The first two pieces are just not my usual ice candy taste, kiamoy which I bring on climbs to avoid cramps the Singaporeans thought of making an ice candy out of it. I found the taste unfavorable but I just enjoy the coolness of it and thought of the benefit of adding salt to my body. I experimented the shotz gel that is provided on the stations, and it works well on me, I did not have the nauseous  felling once swallowing it just like the gu gel. I am glad I found another brand that my stomach can accept.

Toward the 33km mark, I can already feel the heavy flow of my period, true enough I saw the exposed skin on my leg already on red, but I did not think about it anymore. I got so excited for I know I will see my Singaporean friend Kelly somewhere on this distance manning an aid station as well. Upon seeing her, i was just too happy, after several photo shots and grabbing some milo drink, I proceed. Such variety of activities I look forward to in a long run like this for it gives excitement and not just focus on running.

Upon entering the main road, I know I am almost there, thank goodness to the clouds that still cover the sun, the exposed road is not as hot as the time I run this part 2 years ago. Seeing the familiar structures I know I am almost there. i cross the finish line armes stretched with I great smile for I know I did the race with no injury despite what I had been through and my despite my condition. Pushing a little faster towards the finish line is just a great feeling. Not my best time but at least I did it.

Standard Chartered Singapore, you are a big check now. What could the next country be? Let's see.

Standard Chartered Singapore 2012 Race Result

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