Thursday, August 16

Will Forever Be Remembered - La Ultra The High 2012

This are all I got in this years's 3rd Edition of La Ultra-The High, two finisher's medal: one from the short marathon event I joined by running the full marathon five days before the ultra race, another one is my crew medal after our runner Mr. Seow Kong NG crossed the finish line in 42hrs 4mins and 30secs (all the crew got a medal as well aside from the runner),  a medallion that all of us crew and runners get  and a yellow La Ultra shirt for this year's edition. 

Those are the tangible items that I got but truly of my 18 days of stay in India and 16 days of which I stayed in Leh, I get more than just those items. Aside from those which I will forever be happy to keep are tons of great memories that I will forever cherish for the rest of my life. The friendship gained and the memories formed were just so overwhelming that cannot be bought by money or any material thing. Every single day of my stay in the Indian Himalayas is just full of excitement. The place is just surreal, my haven. I feel so at home running at the mountain slopes of this place and being able to visit the mountain top especially those with snow capped peaks, or even just waking up in the morning with the veiw of the mountain ranges with snow peaks from afar. The vast horizon that is barren and grey as far as my eyes can see is just a spectacular creation so relaxing to my eyes and comforting to my spirit. 

All the people on this event are just simply amazing. From the runners, to the crew, to the organizer and the support crew. Each one of them are just so friendly and had their own story to tell. They are so supportive and kind in every little way. And each of them are just really very inspiring.

This I can say, I am forever grateful for a wonderful experience. India will always be a place I look forward of visiting especially the Indian Himalayas again someday. At this time, even if I am more than 10 days back on the streets of Manila, while walking on the streets of Ayala, my mind still lingers on the magnificent view of the Himalayas, the gigantic mountain range that my imagination wanted to behold even up to now. All that has happened on that beautiful place is just too much to comprehend  until now. Indeed, it will forever live a mark in my heart. Will always be thankful and GRATEFUL.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also brought home with me the flaglets that has been exposed in the sun, the dust and the rain  for more than five days as it hanged on our service car from Leh  to the campsite and going back to Leh after the big race. I bring it with me with a thought that I will be able to hang it somewhere in my home where I can always see it. It will always bring me a smile remembering a great adventure experienced.

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